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Conducting a home inspection is a vital step in the home buying process because it can be a deciding factor in whether or not someone will buy or sell a house. The home inspection is a buyer’s last chance to learn about the deficiencies that might be present in the house before they decide to purchase and a seller’s last chance to address any issues that are found in the home they are trying to sell. Here a seller will decide to either fix all the issues found during the inspection or sell for a lower price than the asking price and leave the repairs to the buyer. The buyer will review the issues and if they aren’t fixed by the seller they will decide if they want to negotiate a lower asking price or move on and find something else. Home inspections are important to both buyers and sellers, and here at Sea to Sky Inspections we can provide detailed results that will assist in making the big decisions regarding this life-changing investment. Our highly qualified inspectors provide services that include mold, sewer, termite, and other pest inspections to provide reports for you the same day as the inspection to ensure timely decision making. You can count on the inspectors of Sea to Sky Inspections to make sure your Anaheim home is up to par and ready for the next big move.

Expectations for Your Anaheim Home Inspection


Home inspectors are tasked with finding the deficiencies in homes before they can make their way to the closing step of the home buying process. There are various areas that a home inspector will focus on during the inspection like mold, plumbing, and electrical. Issues within these areas can scare buyers away the quickest, so they should be looked at and taken care of with the most care. Mold and mildew is the biggest issue found during a home inspection - if there is mold in the home there’s a good chance there won’t be a very good offer for it. Leaks, water pressure, and the health of the septic system are the many plumbing components that inspectors will check. Each of the home’s electrical systems will also be looked at to ensure that they are up to code and that they are functioning properly. Even though these are the primary areas that home inspectors will focus on, you can be sure that the best inspectors will thoroughly inspect every inch of the home. At Sea to Sky Inspections, we check every nook and cranny to ensure that the home is up to par or that every issue is properly reported so the necessary steps can be taken to address all issues before anyone does any purchasing or selling.

Home inspections can sway a buyer or seller after they are completed, so that’s why we make sure that ours are conducted thoroughly and to the best of our abilities. A Sea to Sky inspection in Anaheim will take between 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete to ensure that we catch everything that might pose a problem. Along with the aforementioned areas of the home that an inspector will focus on, they will also check the foundation of your home, roof coverings and shingles, gas appliances, and all electrical panels. The inspector will point every deficiency out to you so you see the issues they see. We use high quality technologies like thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to see moisture intrusion problems, overheating on electrical systems, and missing insulation that might lead to larger issues.

For our sewer inspections we check to make sure that your sewer pipe hasn’t been infiltrated by anything that can cause cracks, leaks, and failing joints. Pooling water, cracks, and bows can also be indicators that something is affecting the sewer line’s drainage. During a mold inspection, we do moisture testing to find the mold, even if it is hiding behind paint or under floorboards. If we locate any, we take samples of it and conduct testing so that we can formulate the best solution to get rid of it. We can conduct termite inspections for those who are selling or refinancing their homes where we inspect, treat, repair, and provide clearances for sellers. Our in-house carpenters and treatment specialists can fix any damages that may have been made to the wood in your home and provide a treatment that will ensure the termites do not come back. Lastly, we provide pest control if we discover that the home has been infiltrated by rats or mice. We investigate how they might have gotten into your home then create a plan to eliminate the current infestation and keep them from returning. All of our Sea to Sky Inspections services are there to help you get closer to selling or buying your home.

Important Anaheim Home Inspection

Home sellers benefit from home inspections because they provide a list of things that need to be fixed in order to receive the offer they have set for their home. A home inspection is beneficial to a buyer because it lets them know what issues lie in the home they aim to buy. They then get the opportunity to buy if the seller addresses the issues or negotiate the selling price if the owner won’t make any of the repairs. The buyer can also choose to walk if the issues are too extreme and the price to fix them is far beyond what they would pay to buy it. A home inspection can heavily influence the buyer and seller’s decisions regarding the purchasing/selling process and that is why they are important. With something this important, you want to hire a trusted home inspector that is going to do a good job with your Anaheim home. With Sea to Sky Inspections, you will receive the high quality home inspection report that you are looking for; the report that will either lead you to the home you’ve always wanted, save you tons of money by showing you it might not be the right fit, or bring you the money you hoped to gain from selling.

Sea to Sky Inspections, Your Expert Home Inspectors in Anaheim

Anaheim is a thriving, diverse midsize city just 25 miles south of Los Angeles. Anaheim is full of fun activities, famous destinations, major sports teams like the Ducks and the Angels, a comfortable climate, and proximity to all SoCal has to offer. You can spend your days visiting Disneyland, any of the beaches that are a short drive away, and the Anaheim Packing District before experiencing the diverse nightlife that the city has to offer. The Anaheim housing market is competitive and once sellers find a buyer, they are usually the ones they go with. With a laidback lifestyle, Anaheim is a place sought after to live in. Once you find that perfect home, Sea to Sky Inspections will be there to take care of all your inspection needs.

Sea to Sky Inspections is a one-stop shop for all realtor inspections and pest control needs. Our professional inspectors are trained and certified by InterNACHI, the world’s leading association of home inspectors. We are a California-Licensed pest control company and we are also NASSCO certified for sewer scoping through the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program. We know every property is unique and that inspections vary from home to home. We provide you with our interactive inspection reports in a timely manner so you can reference them as soon as possible. The reports include detailed explanations and high resolution images and videos so you can fully understand what we saw during the inspection. Our #1 priority is our clients at Sea to Sky, so you can count on us to deliver thorough and efficient inspections each and every time. Schedule your home inspection with us today!

We continuously invest in cutting edge technology in order to deliver a thorough and efficient home/property inspection. The following five (5) unique features set us apart from other home inspection companies.


  1. Home inspection reports are typed and emailed directly from the site
  2. Reports are explained to the buyers and they are walked through the property to point out areas of concern
  3. Our inspectors are not alarmists - we just point out the issues
  4. Our reports are state of the art, interactive & include photos or video of our findings.
  5. We can advise you on the termite report that the seller provides.


Excited to move to a place where you can enjoy various outdoor activities with your family? Schedule a home inspection or call us at 949-270-5465 and make that investment worth it. See your home the way we do! Let our certified professionals take a look at your possible future home! We are a full-service firm that is ready to help you with any of your home inspection needs.


We provide different types of inspection services in Anaheim:


  1. Home Inspections
  2. Termite Inspection
  3. Sewer Inspection
  4. Pest Control
  5. Mold Inspection


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