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Are you looking for the most effective home inspection services from a reliable company in Santa Ana? Look no further. Sea to Sky Inspections is the home inspections company to contact! At Sea to Sky, we have been providing premier, quality, and safe home inspection services in Santa Ana and the surrounding areas for many years. As a matter of fact, we are a one-stop-shop for all your inspection and pest control needs. We offer termite inspection and repairs, sewer inspections, mold inspections, and pest control. Get your home inspection and pest control needs addressed by Sea to Sky Inspections. We guarantee expertise, flexibility, and availability.

Home Inspection in Santa Ana

Two of the most commonly asked questions are “why can’t I do inspection myself” and “do I need a home inspection.” Let us answer this for you to provide you with a better understanding.

There is no doubt that purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. With that being, it will be difficult to remain objective throughout the process. Hiring a home inspector to do a home inspection would be best in this case. Hiring inspectors like Sea to Sky Inspections can provide you with accurate information of the overall condition of a home. Through a home inspection, issues that range from minor to major ones will be pointed out. At Sea to Sky experienced in home construction, maintenance, and safety. We will even suggest repairs and preventive measures in order to avoid future repair costs as much as possible. Based on the report that we will provide, you can make an informed decision. Since it is a big investment, you would want to know as much information as possible before making a final decision.


Unique Features That Set Us Apart As Your Home Inspector in Santa Ana?

As mentioned, Sea to Sky Inspections is a full-service inspection firm that offers realtors, home buyers, and home sellers a one-stop-shop experience for all your inspection and pest control needs. Our priority is you. Our objective is to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. At Sea to Sky, we understand the uniqueness of each property. That is why our inspection varies from house to house. Home inspections will Take about 2 hours and 30 minutes while our other services will take about 1 hour. Rest assured that we will check the property thoroughly. Our written report will be emailed to you the same day as your time is valuable to us.

Santa Ana is known as the financial and governmental center in Orange County. It is also a populous city. With so many things to do, you will surely enjoy living in Santa Ana. If you live in Santa Ana or are planning to buy a home in Santa Ana, contact Sea to Sky. With Sea to Sky Inspections, rest assured that we take home inspections seriously. We are a team of highly qualified home inspectors that is ready to help you and assist you in the home inspection process. We are always more than happy to accomodate any concerns or questions that you might have. Sea to Sky undergoes several home inspection training to sharpen our skills, gain additional valuable knowledge, and to stay the best in the industry. This is one of the reasons why many choose Sea to Sky over our competitors. We use state-of-the-art technology and the right resources to help you. The Sea to Sky Inspections team is always ready to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Sea to Sky’s inspection team were trained and certified by InterNACHI, which is the leading association of home inspectors. We invest in cutting edge technology in order to deliver a thorough home/property inspection. We are truly passionate about what we do!


  1. Home inspection reports are typed and emailed directly from the site
  2. Reports are explained to the buyers and they are walked through the property to point out areas of concern
  3. Our inspectors are not alarmists - we just point out the issues
  4. Our reports are state of the art, interactive & include photos or video of our findings.
  5. We can advise you on the termite report that the seller provides.


Excited to move to a place where you can enjoy various activities with your family? Schedule a home inspection or call us at 949-270-5465 and make that investment worth it. See your home the way we do! Let our certified professionals take a look at your possible future home! We are a full-service firm that is ready to help you with any of your home inspection needs.


We provide different types of inspection services in Santa Ana:


  1. Home Inspections
  2. Termite Inspection
  3. Sewer Inspection
  4. Pest Control
  5. Mold Inspection


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