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Situated in the eastern part of California’s San Diego County, Santee lies between hills and is encircled by lakes. Quick fun fact! Santee was originally named after one of its founding founders, George A. Cowles that is why the town is formerly known as Cowleston. Later on, the community followed his widow, Milton Santee’s lead and changed the name of the town to Santee. Santee remains as one of the cities that has opportunities to grow. As of the moment, the town has major commercial centers and growing business community to pride itself on.

Are you or your family enthusiastic about spending time outdoors and participating in activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and so on and so forth? You should consider living in Santee. Mission Trails Regional Park and Santee Lakes Regional Park are two (2) major regional parks that can be found in Santee. Just to give you another fun fact, Mission Trails Regional Park became of the most the largest urban parks in the nation due to having over 40 miles of hiking trails, boating on Lake Murray and camping at Kumeyaay Lake. Camping, fishing, and various annual events are activities that can be done and attended in Santee Lakes Park. In addition, Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve and Goodan Ranch is another venue in Santee that offers about 5,000 acres of natural and developed recreational acres that you would want to visit.

There is more to know about if you are looking to move to Santee. The median income in Santee is between $74,000 and $76,000 and the median home price is roughly about $527,000. With that and other factors taken into account, living in Santee is affordable. Before you make any decision in investing and purchasing a new home in Santee, it is better to invest as well in home inspection. Know the true state of the home you are about to purchase before you make that final decision as it could be something you will regret in the future. Let us help you make that final decision with the home inspection service that we offer.

At Sea to Sky Inspections, you can trust us in providing valuable information that you can use in making a final decision. Additionally, we cater and handle various service requests for different types of properties. Our inspectors were trained and certified by InterNACHI, the world’s leading association of home inspectors. We only let our inspectors utilize cutting edge technology to deliver a thorough and efficient home inspection. We continuously invest in cutting edge technology in order to deliver a thorough and efficient home/property inspection. The following five (5) unique features set us apart from other home inspection companies.


  1. Home inspection reports are typed and emailed directly from the site
  2. Reports are explained to the buyers and they are walked through the property to point out areas of concern
  3. Our inspectors are not alarmists - we just point out the issues
  4. Our reports are state of the art, interactive & include photos or video of our findings.
  5. We can advise you on the termite report that the seller provides.


Excited to move to a place where you can enjoy various outdoor activities with your family? Schedule a home inspection or call us at 619-728-6768 and make that investment worth it. See your home the way we do! Let our certified professionals take a look at your possible future home! We are a full-service firm that is ready to help you with any of your home inspection needs.


We provide different types of inspection services in Santee:


  1. Home Inspections
  2. Termite Inspection
  3. Sewer Inspection
  4. Pest Control
  5. Mold Inspection


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