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Mold Inspections

Sometimes, visual inspection alone for mold isn't enough.

Mold is not always obvious to the naked eye. It may be hidden under a layer of paint, beneath carpets, or under wooden baseboards. Mold presents a danger to your health and can spread easily. Mold is also a sign of unwanted moisture, which can lead to structural issues in a property. 

With our experienced and licensed professionals, mold inspections can be performed at the same time as your home inspection. We will perform a full visual inspection, moisture testing, and take mold samples. We use cutting edge technology to inspect your property for mold and give you peace of mind.

After that, we will test your mold samples to find out the best ways to get rid of mold in your property. If you have mold, it is best to have a professional perform the treatment. If not treated correctly, the same mold problems will reappear. We will recommend you to several of the best, licensed mold treatment companies in San Diego. 

Did You Know

Did you know that over 90% of buyers request a home inspection as part of the home purchasing process? Sea To Sky Inspections and its inspectors are licensed members of InterNachi - The worlds largest home inspection organization.

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